Lasik eye surgery information

The FDA offer these suggestions on finding a Lasik surgeon:

Experienced - how many eyes has your doctor performed LASIK surgery on with the same laser?

Equipment - does your doctor use an FDA-approved laser for the procedure you need?
Does your doctor use each microkeratome blade only once?

Informative - is your doctor willing to spend the time to answer all your questions?

Long-term Care - does your doctor encourage follow-up and management of you as a patient?

(Your preop and postop care may be provided by a doctor other than the surgeon).
Be Comfortable - do you feel you know your doctor and are comfortable with an equal exchange of information?

Because there are so many LASIK specialists to choose from the task of finding someone that specializes in the particular style of LASIK surgery you require may initially be difficult. Prior to consulting with a LASIK doctor spend some time with a regular eye doctor. They may be able to recommend to you to a LASIK specialist that they prefer or think highly of and would trust enough to operate on their own eyes. Whatever you do, donít let price be the deciding factor in determining who your LASIK doctor will be. You want to have your vision correction surgery performed by an experienced professional not a price cutter.

Always make sure that the doctor you are considering specializes in the type of LASIK you will require. Although the common LASIK doctor can most likely successfully perform all types of LASIK surgeries your chances for a more successful outcome are greatly enhanced if you choose an eye surgeon with the latest equipment and who truly has experience performing the type of LASIK your eye condition requires.

Find out what the doctor's primary specialty is. Although not required, it not a bad idea to look for a LASIK surgeon who completed a "corneal fellowship" or a "refractive surgery fellowship." Also, he or she needs to be board-certified in their specialty. Your surgeon should have specialized training in refractive surgery. This is very important, afterall it is YOUR eyesight.

Finally but certainly not last in essentials; Ophthalmologist MD certified for surgery. Many Optometrists are performing these surgeries yet they are not surgically certified so be specific and seek out an Ophthalmologist's recommendation from your normal eye doctor and/or referrals.

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